Daniel Brooks is a native Californian who has resided most of his life in the picturesque Sierra foothills community of Grass Valley.  His love of people, music and the arts led him to study music and the arts at California State University, San Jose.

Concurrent with his business ventures, Daniel has continued his dedication to music and art and is a local celebrity in the foothills communities of Nevada County where he is loved and revered for his contributions as a gifted vocalist, artist and cherished friend.

Enchanted with Asian art as a young man, Daniel began mastering the craft of Origami. His love of fashion, fabrics and Japanese symbolism became the inspiration for his exquisite and unique collages. Cranes and Kimonos are prevalent in most of Daniels work. The crane is the symbol of a long and  happy life; the kimono signifies work and prosperity. To Daniel these are themes with boundless inspiration. In Daniel’s loving hand these symbols become expressions of beauty, energy, and serenity. Each piece is unique and original. Daniel combines simple materials, paper, string and mat board, into three dimensional expressions of beauty.

Over the past few years, Daniel has enjoyed increasing success with his art work. His work is represented in many private collections and has been shown at many galleries in Northern California and Lake Tahoe.

Daniel works in his studio in Grass Valley where he is pleased to welcome visitors for private showings by appointment.

Please Call: 530-272-7311




Daniel at a photo shoot